Ear infections can be a common occurrence during childhood, but fortunately, they are easily treated. At INSERT PRACTICE NAME, we can help your child find relief from an ear infection as soon as possible.

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If your child is old enough to verbalize feelings clearly, he or she may complain of ear pain, itching, burning, or that the ear feels hot to the touch.

If your child is too young, then you may be able to recognize signs of infections by the following symptoms:
Balance problems
Fluid or discharge from ears
Poor appetite
Pulling on ears
Rubbing ears constantly
Unusual fussiness

Another symptom associated with ear infections can be a fever. Most children with an ear infection will display several symptoms listed above. If your child is displaying some of these symptoms, schedule an appointment to get your child fast relief.


Ear infections typically occur from bacteria or viruses that have entered your child’s body. This often occurs when your child is unwell from a cold or respiratory infection.


Treatment will vary depending on your child’s symptoms.